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Study Participants

All new medicines and therapies must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  To be approved, these medicines and therapies must successfully go through clinical trials with volunteers like yourself.   The process of participating in a clinical trial depends on the type of product being reviewed and at what stage the research has progressed.

Here at medRACS we have physicians, nurses, clinical trial coordinators and study advocates that keep study participants well informed and constantly monitoring the health of our volunteers.

As these studies are approved by the FDA there are protocols that are created that are followed strictly to watch over volunteers health and protect their privacy.  At medRACS your health and privacy are our first concerns and we are dedicated to providing our volunteers with excellent medical and peace of mind, which starts with your informed consent.

Informed Consent, What is it?

All medical care requires medical consent from the patient. There are several different forms of consent given. For example when you get your blood drawn or a test performed you provide your implied “simple consent”.

With a medical procedure or with clinical trial participation a more involved process occurs, “Informed Consent”. This informed consent is an agreement in writing that is signed by the patient that outlines the treatment plan and requirements of the study.
The informed consent that occurs with clinical trials communicates the requirements of the study, the right of the patient including privacy and right to discontinue therapy or medicine.

The right to participate in a clinical trial is yours and the decisions about your care are your responsibility and right.

Why Participate?

There are many reasons why people decide to enroll in clinical trials. Clinical trials provide opportunities to participants in the following aspects:

  • Help people suffering from medical conditions find relief.
  • Allows people to have access to investigational treatments before they are available.
  • Play a role in bringing treatments to market for unmet medical needs.
  • Gain access to medical care that focuses on specific disease states and medical conditions.

What to Expect?

If you you decide to volunteer for a study, we will start will a screening visit that will determine if you qualify.

If you qualify you can expect:

  • Free Exams by a doctor and specialized medical staff
  • Free Medical tests and procedures
  • Free study therapies and medicines
  • Potentially compensation for your time and travel

Still have questions please see our FAQ’s 

To learn more about current clinical trials visit Current Studies

If you are interested in being considered for a trial fill out the Enroll Now form.

After the initial screening and before your first visit you will need to fill out our Medical History Form