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Jun 18

Glaucoma Clinical Research: Aiming a breakthrough


According to the National Institutes of Health, with over 120,000 people already been blind from Glaucoma in the USA, it is the second disease causing the most number of cases of blindness. The primary reason of the disease is exfoliation syndrome which is also known as pseudoexfoliation. In this Glaucoma causing condition, proteins get accumulated in the drainage system of the eyes which blocks the outflow structures resulting in the progressive vision loss.

It is also very important to know that there is not any effective medicine for Glaucoma today which can prevent it completely. In another word, it is not curable. The loss of vision already caused by this disease cannot be regained through the present-day medical help. However, medications are available to slow down the pace of damage. Glaucoma is a progressive disease that attains seriousness with time. Blindness is not caused all of a sudden, it happens gradually. In general, it affects people with old age, but that does not restrain it there only, people of any age can develop the symptom of glaucoma. This is the reason this monstrous disease has been the subject of various clinical studies in Boston research centers and abroad. Let us now discuss it in detail as to why there is a need of study and research on glaucoma.

Any disease that is not curable or of which there has been an effective medicine or prevention measures becomes the subject of the research and trials, and it’s the same with glaucoma also. As discussed earlier, today the medical science does not have a cure for this disease, it has become a viable subject for researchers and medical scientists. The aim is to find an effective cure for the disease.

Now you must be wondering how a clinical research of glaucoma is run and what are the primary things studied in the clinical trail, let us understand it in detail. The first requirement of study is to recruit a reasonable number of patients who are suffering from the disease. It is not a difficult part as the number of people suffering from this disease is growing like never before. From the second step onwards everything is controlled by researchers and scientists. They observe the symptoms very closely and read them to find the best suited medications. Now when I talk about medications, it can be a medicine, equipment or something else similar. The researchers make new medications or alter the combination in the existing ones and put it to trial to understand the reaction in the ailing body of research volunteers. This process continues throughout the clinical studies. If a breakthrough is achieve in the process, the trial ends and gets ready for the final clinical study, and if not the research completes within its predefined time frame and halts for some time. This is how it works.

Talking about the clinical studies on glaucoma, it is being in run in the different parts of the world under the supervision on expert medical scientist, but there has not been a breakthrough as yet. We are presently recruiting volunteers for our clinical research on glaucoma, if you would like to participate in the research, you can contact us to submit your participation.

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