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Jun 18

Cataract and the need of clinical trails


Cataract is one of the most common diseases caused due to biological aging in humans. However, aging is not the only factor behind it. There can be several other factors responsible for cataract. But when we talk about the effect, this disease affects the eyes’ vision of the sufferer. Let’s understand as to how it happens. The lens inside the eye is clouded and it leads to the decrease in eye vision. This decrease in vision is caused by opacification of the lens which restricts light from passing properly. Consequently, it does not let the light stay focused to the retina that lies at the back side of the eye.

To understand it in more details, a yellow-brown pigment accumulates on the lens in the eye which disrupts the normal structure of the lens fibers. It all results in reducing the proper transmission of light to the eyes, resulting in vision related problems. The primary symptom of the disease is low vision. Though, some patients can complain of difficulty in staying focused on the different colors while others may complain of uneasiness with the changing contrasts of different colors. Usually patients suffer with glare problems also. They find it difficult to face even bright lights.

But the cause can be varied. To understand the various causes for this disease in a better way, many clinical studies and trials are run in different hospitals by multiple health organizations worldwide. In such studies, subjects (the affected people) are recruited for the research. New medicines and medical devices are used on the subjects to find the possible outcome. The results are then studied further to formulate new medications or devices. To understand its symptoms better, let’s understand it that patients feel problems in reading texts contents, driving, or recognizing faces of people from a common distance.

However, the present day medical science has medication for cataract where the ailing patients are cured by way of operation of the eyes. But to make it more effective and curable only by medications, the need of effective clinical trials or clinical studies cannot be avoided.

There is a need for comprehensive clinical studies to study the cause and effect of cataract in a better way. It might be possible that this disease could be cured by only medications, or may be existing medication can be made more effective for the patients through research and studies. A study can ascertain ways for the prevention of the disease before it happens. The present day medical science does not have any effective medication for the prevention of cataract. However, the cure is available through operation.

We are presently running a clinical trial to know cataract in better way than before. For this reason, we are also running clinical studies on cataract. The recruitment for this study has already started. If you think that your participation can be helpful to our medical study, you are welcome to join us as volunteers. Apply to take part in our ongoing cataract clinical trial and help the humanity in a better way. In case, you would like to know about of facilities in the clinical trials, do not hesitate to contact us.

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