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If you would like to participate in a current or upcoming study, simply fill out the form and select your study interests on the “Enroll Now” page and you will be added to our database.

Once MedRACS receives your information, a member of our staff will contact you to review the trials that are available and your study interests.

At this time a more detailed description of the study will be explained to you. Should you qualify and would like to participate; you will then be scheduled for your first visit. For more information on clinical trials, or please visit our frequently asked questions page (FAQ)


MedRACS Clinical Research respects your privacy and does not share your information with any outside 3rd parties.

About Us - medRACS

About Us

MedRACS is a multi-specialty clinical research facility specializing in phase II-IV clinical trials conveniently located in Quincy MA. Quality and Patient Safety are paramount here at MedRACS. MedRACS Clinical Trials was established to offer patients in our community an opportunity to advance healthcare by participating in clinical studies. By participating in clinical studies participants are able to significantly contribute to the development of safe and innovative therapies and medicines. This contribution potentially leads to the advance of medicine for generations to come.

MedRACS is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry by diligently adhering to GCP guidelines for both pateint safety and protocol compliance. MedRACS Clinical Research has conducted clinical studies for major pharmaceutical and devices companies such as: Abbott, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, Eli Lilly, Merck, Sanofi Aventis and others. MedRACS is dedicated to high patient enrollment, compliance and data management through strict adherence to protocol and operating procedures.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assure that every patient is treated ethically and safely while maintaining privacy and and industry standards. We drive to excede sponsor objectives and goals by efficiently producing accurate and timely data.


What our patients have to say about us:

I have participated in other clinical trials at other sites and the experience at medRACS was the best so far. A big “thank you” to the folks at medRACS for all the hard work and making me feel comfortable.
Helen M.

I have been reluctant to participate in clinical trials but MedRACS acted professionally and was sensitive to all of my concerns. They spent time answering my questions without any pressure or undue stress. It was a very rewarding experience where I felt that I was advancing medicne while understanding a little more about my condition. The staff at MedRACS was fantastic!

Mike H.

The staff at medRACS were professional and answered all of my questions. They treated me like family and I feel had my best interest at heart.

James B.